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Dr. Phil Falardeau



Dr. Phil grew up in Chelmsford, MA.  His love of all things sports fueled his active lifestyle from a young age as he participated in baseball and hockey as well as skiing.  


After earning a degree in civil engineering and embarking on a career doing site design for construction projects, Dr. Phil was called to be a chiropractor when he was relieved of his years-long battle with back pain that threatened to force him to stop playing hockey.


Once he started getting adjusted by a chiropractor on a regular basis, Dr. Phil not only was pain-free, but he also found that he no longer had dry skin, heartburn, or headaches. It was then that he knew that the nervous system was the key to health and that it was his mission in life to help as many people attain optimal health as possible.    


While at Life University, the largest chiropractic college in the world, Dr. Phil learned more about health and healing than he ever knew existed.  Most importantly, he learned how to adjust the spine to normalize the structure and allow the nervous system to function properly.  

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