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"Come expecting a miracle, leave telling others."

Shoulder Pain Gone!

"I had been suffering with a very sharp, piercing pain in my shoulder which was really aggravated with certain motions. The doctors explained that it could be coming from the nerves in my neck. After just a few adjustments, the shoulder pain was completely gone! I was so excited, because I had been dealing with the pain for years, and since I was expecting a baby, I knew I’d need full use of my arm to hold my little one. I kept up with my regular adjustments, which also helped the other aches and pains, and I also realized I didn’t get as sick as often as I used to. Another plus of having a baby around - fewer colds. I’m so grateful for the help I have received." – Chris M.



My Infant Had Torticollis….

"I brought my baby in at 7 months old after I had noticed he wasn’t moving his head much and always sat in his car seat slumped to one side. He hated tummy time, and was on two medications for acid reflux since he was two months old. My regular doctor said not to worry about it and that he’d grow out of it, but I was starting to worry. Thankfully, a friend of mine referred me to Dr. Mary, as she had just helped my friend’s grandson with the same issue. She did a thorough evaluation and helped me and my husband understand what to expect and how she would care for him. After a few adjustments, his reflux calmed down and we stopped using the medications. After a few more adjustments, he started to tolerate tummy time much better. After about 3 weeks, he picked his head up for the first time while on his tummy. While I know that he is delayed, he has made great improvements since we started chiropractic, and he is starting to roll over and make sounds which he didn’t do before. We are so happy, my husband started care for sensitivity and numbness in his hands, and I’m getting help for my knee pain!" Donna P.



Asthma & Allergies

"Growing up, I suffered from severe asthma and allergies. Ever since I was a toddler, I was on several medications, but my symptoms got progressively worse. I was on inhalers, nebulizers, prescription drugs, and even got allergy shots once a week. None of this seemed to help, and I lived in fear of not having my inhaler, especially when I played hockey. I lived this way into my twenties, until finally one day, my mother recommended I go see her chiropractor. It was there that I learned that what I was doing wasn’t getting to the root cause of the problem, and it certainly wasn’t making me any better. I decided that I couldn’t continue down this road, and needed to do something before I got older and my problems got worse. After a few weeks of care, I started to feel different, so I continued getting adjusted. After several months, I would leave home without my inhaler, and wouldn’t notice it missing.  Through chiropractic, I was finally able to function like a normal person and stopped needing the pills, inhalers, and shots. Today, my asthma and allergies are totally gone."  Andrew R.



Colic and Gas at 6 Weeks Old

"At six weeks old, Ever’s mother brought her in for infant reflux and colic. She was constantly crying and irritable due to gas and she was not sleeping. Her mother described her situation as severe because she hardly slept and cried all the time, which meant that her parents were also growing weary and concerned for their daughter’s health. Ever’s pediatrician prescribed Prevacid and prescription gas medications, which Ever’s mom said didn’t seem to be working. Within a week of being adjusted, Ever’s crying episodes lessened and she was sleeping through the night. After a few weeks of care, Ever’s mother described her as a “happy baby” and was extremely grateful to have found chiropractic for her baby girl."



Knee Pain Gone

"John had always been quite active, not only as construction worker, but also due to the numerous projects he did around his own home and yard. He was constantly climbing ladders, crawling into tight spaces, and hopping on and off his tractor. He began to get low back pain and knee pain in his 20s, but didn’t do much to help it. As he got older, he started taking pain killers, anti-inflammatories, and eventually, resorted to cortisone injections to help with the pain. After the medications wore off, the pain would return, and would be even worse than it was previously. Thankfully, his wife referred him to Dr. Mary, where at the age of 65, he began chiropractic care. After his first adjustment, his severe knee pain was completely relieved, and he was able to finish his latest home project. After weeks of care, John’s back pain became less severe, and he also noticed he was sleeping better. John has continued chiropractic care, which is helping to correct the problems that he developed over many years. John discovered that it is never too late to make a change for the better and that chiropractic is a safe and natural way of helping various health concerns."



Help for those Struggling with Infertility

"Liz was in her late 20s and eager to start a family. She and her husband were young, active, and healthy, and expected to become pregnant quickly. However, despite their efforts, they found themselves unable to conceive after over a year of trying. Since they opted to live a more natural lifestyle, they shied away from hormonal treatments or other invasive options. They had heard that chiropractic could help with fertility, so they began regular chiropractic care. After 3 months of specific, scientific adjustments, Liz and her husband excitedly announced they were expecting! They expressed such joy for finding answers to their health concerns, and were happy to continue care for a healthy pregnancy."



Trouble Sleeping

"Eric began chiropractic care after serving the United States in wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  During his military career, he suffered severe physical and emotional stress, which negatively affected his health. Not only did Eric have quite a bit of bodily pain, but he also had such trouble sleeping that he was taking 3 Ambien pills per night.  These medications weren’t getting to the cause of the problem and Eric did not want to be dependent on drugs to sleep. After getting under specific, scientific chiropractic care with Dr. Phil, he has not needed any help sleeping.  Now, he only has one problem. The government refuses to stop sending him pills!"



Menstrual Issues

"When Debbie first discovered chiropractic, she had no idea that chiropractic care could help so much of the body. Debbie had been struggling with menstrual cycle issues for years and was already in the middle of the medical procedures run-around when she decided to try chiropractic. She had tried different hormone therapies without success and said she was headed toward having a hysterectomy. After suffering every month for over 2 years, she was ready for the operation, having no idea that there was another way. After only a few specific, scientific, chiropractic adjustments, Debbie has not had any more menstrual cycle issues! She wishes someone had told her about true chiropractic much sooner, as she has seen so much improvement with her overall health and the health of her family. For this, she is very grateful for specific chiropractic care!"




"I had been having migraines since I was 12 years old. I had been to neurologists and was told that it was something I was going to have to deal with for the rest of my life. I was told there was nothing that could be done, was put on multiple prescriptions, and when those failed, I started getting shots in the back of my head! I went through years of this process, taking everything, including the shot several times over those years. Thankfully, I was led to chiropractic, where I was told that this way of life was not right and they could help me without the shots. After the first couple of visits, I felt relief in my neck, and after a little time, I noticed that I was not getting them like I had been prior to being adjusted. When a migraine would start, instead of taking the prescription, I went to the chiropractor. In less than an hour, I had no headache, no light sensitivity, nothing! It was like it had never started. Since then, I have come off of all the migraine medications, blood pressure medications, and sinus tablets! Now, my whole family receives chiropractic care and we tell all of our loved ones, family, and friends to do the same thing!"

– Cassie



Whiplash, Anxiety, Incontinence, Sciatica

"Laurie had been in several car accidents throughout her life, the most recent being in 2002, where she suffered severe whiplash. She was prescribed muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories, however, her pain persisted for years. At this time, she was in her mid-50’s and dealing with constant neck pain, anxiety, sciatica, and bladder incontinence and she was on several prescription medications. These health issues were interfering with her life and work, and she knew that what she was doing wasn’t working. Laurie says that she decided to make a change when she realized that if her health was this poor in her 50s, how would it be in her 80s? A family member recommended she go see a chiropractor who focused on spinal correction. She finally learned that her health issues were a result of nerve interference and was eager to correct the cause of her problems. Within just a few adjustments, Laurie gained a lot of mobility in her neck, which she realized when she backed her car out of the driveway. After a couple of months of care, her sciatica was under control. Laurie understood that healing takes time, especially because her spine had been damaged in car accidents decades prior. After about three years of corrective care, her bladder incontinence completely resolved. No more embarrassing accidents or avoiding leaving the house. Laurie’s health has improved so much, she was finally able to get off her anxiety and depression medications after 20+ years. She is so grateful to have found answers to her health concerns and at the age of 62 she is Medication-FREE!!"



Chronic Phlegm, Sciatica, Low Back Pain

"George first started chiropractic care at the age of 61. He was very physically active his whole life, growing up as an athlete, playing college football, and working in construction for over 40 years. These physical stresses took a toll on his spine, and he eventually developed low back and numbness down his leg and into his foot. His wife had seen health gains by going to the chiropractor, so she recommended he give it a try. X-rays revealed the wear and tear all of life’s activities had on his spine and how it was affecting his nervous system. George started to get regular, specific adjustments, which helped alleviate his pain. What George was surprised to find out was that due to his regular adjustments, he noticed that he didn’t have as much phlegm in his throat as he often did, and his immune system gained a boost, as he was no longer getting sick. George says that if he starts to feel a sore throat or cold coming on, he gets an adjustment, and his body is able to “throw off” the sickness immediately, compared to weeks of symptoms."



Sinus Issues

"Brenda had been suffering from sinus issues for as long as she can remember. She dreaded allergy season, and always kept a purse full of tissues, nasal sprays, and antihistamines. The pain was severe at times and she was eventually put on prescription allergy and sinus medications. She started going to the chiropractor after a bad car accident left her with neck pain and back pain. She followed her recommendations for care, and not only did she find relief from the neck and back pain, but she noticed she wasn’t using her nasal spray as often. She couldn’t believe she could finally smell! With regular care, her body began to heal, and she was able to get off all of the medications. Brenda’s symptoms improved so much, she started taking her children to the chiropractor for their asthma and headaches, who also found great relief."


Back Pain, Headaches, and Hand Numbness

"Suzie came in for a consultation because she had suffered for years with low back pain, daily headaches, shoulder pain, and numbness in her hand. She also had previously been diagnosed with scoliosis. She was taking Tylenol and Advil for the pain. While she was skeptical that chiropractic care would help, she says she “always had hope.” When she came into the office, she found us friendly and efficient, upbeat, and confident we could help (because we can!!). She’s been coming regularly for over a year, and ALL OF HER SYMPTOMS HAVE RESOLVED!!!!"

Chronic Migraines

"Seryn suffered from severe migraines that were occurring up to three times per week, for 10 years. She had nausea and vomiting, visual disturbances, and sometimes could not even get out of bed due to the migraines. Her headaches were so bad that they were interfering with her daily life. The large doses of Tylenol and Ibuprofen she was taking were causing her to have stomach ulcers. Her Primary Care Physician had recommended prescription medication, but she did not want to be on medication long term. Seryn was slightly skeptical that chiropractic care would help, but when she saw how busy the office was, she knew there must be something to it, because “clearly a lot of others are benefitting from chiropractic care.” Within one month of regular care, her migraines were gone!"


Numbness Gone

"Chad first came to Live Free Chiropractic with severe low back pain, numbness in his arms, and his hands and feet were constantly falling asleep. This was bothersome, as he drove a truck for a living, and his hands would be numb while driving. He was also prone to frequent ear infections every time he had a cold. At first, Chad was skeptical that chiropractic could help him, because he was in such severe pain, but over time, he started to get much healthier. He no longer has arm pain or any numbness, and his pain has significantly reduced. Chad says that Live Free Chiropractic “makes you feel like family every time you walk in the door because everyone is so friendly.” Chad has told many people about how they can get help through chiropractic, and his health journey continues to this day, as he has lost over 100lbs."

No More Debilitating Headaches

"David first came to Live Free Chiropractic with extreme neck pain and chronic headaches that he was having almost every day for years. On a scale of 1-10, he said his headache pain was consistently at a 9 everyday. He had been seeing a physical therapist for 8 months, with no results, and was taking Advil on a daily basis.  David was skeptical as to whether chiropractic care would help, but decided to give it a try. With consistent chiropractic care, he now says that he has almost no headaches and his neck pain is almost gone."

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