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What to Expect

Pregnancy, Infants & Children Chiropractic Care

"A wise man ought to realize that
is his most valuable possession.""""


Pregnancy is a great time to utilize chiropractic care. Expectant mothers often seek natural, gentle relief from aches and pains including low back pain and sciatica. Drs. Mary and Phil love caring for moms-to-be to help them have a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy and delivery. 

Drs. Mary and Phil are also certified in the Webster Technique, a chiropractic analysis and adjustment designed to improve the neurobiomechanical functioning of the sacral and pelvic region of a pregnant woman. Enhancing joint function may have a positive effect on dystocia (difficult labor and delivery), allowing the baby to assume the best available position in-utero and for birth.


Infants & Children

Drs. Falardeau utilize gentle chiropractic adjusting techniques to care for all ages. They love helping children begin life on the best path, which is much easier with a healthy spine and properly functioning nervous system. It is best not to wait until problems or symptoms develop, as it is easier to maintain health or make corrections at the onset.

Children grow, learn, and develop at a rapid rate during their first years of life. It is important to give them the best opportunity, so they can grow into healthy adults. Sometimes, the first spinal misalignment occurs during the birth process, even in so-called “normal” birth. This happens when an infant’s delicate head, neck, and spine undergoes stress or pressure during delivery.

Childhood is also a very active time for achieving milestones, playing, and exploring. This can result in physical stresses, which may include falls when learning to walk, running, jumping, or playing. To help correct spinal misalignments soon after they occur, Drs. Mary and Phil encourage all parents to bring their children to a trained chiropractor for a spinal assessment. Freedom from nerve interference can help individuals express health to his/her fullest potential, including infants and children.

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