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5 Athletes That Use Chiropractic to Enhance Their Performance

Usain Bolt, widely regarded as the fastest runner of all time and owner of six Olympic Gold medals counts chiropractic in his tools to health and performance. Chiropractic helped Bolt straighten a scoiliosis in his spine that may have hampered his Olympic dream if he had not received help.

  1. Sidney Crosby, the best offensive player in the NHL today used chiropractic to help his brain heal from a series of bad concussions that threatened to end his career. In fact, one day while living in Marietta, GA, Drs. Mary and Phil happened upon Crosby at Whole Foods. Turns out, Crosby was in the Georgia area to receive chiropractic care at Life University. Really, why else would a Canadian hockey player visit Georgia?

  2. Lance Armstrong, seven-time winner of the Tour de France and survivor of testicular cancer that had spread to his lungs and brain, has said that the chiropractor is the most important staff member of his team.

  3. John Stockton, one of the greatest and most durable point guards in NBA history, appeared in the documentary Doctored to tout the benefits he received from utilizing chiropractic. His Utah Jazz were extremely successful until they made the mistake of firing their team chiropractor after which their injuries increased exponentially.

  4. Ty Warren, the former Patriot defensive lineman and two-time Super Bowl champion, was caught by the Patriots All Access cameras visiting his chiropractor as part of his midweek routine getting ready for a game. No wonder the Patriots defense was so stout at stopping the run while he was suiting up for them.

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