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How Chiropractors Are Like Mechanics of the Body

I got the brakes in my car fixed the other day. I brought the car in because it was making a squealing sound. Apparently, what was happening was the brakes were staying stuck on the wheel, causing the engine to have to work harder to make the car go. Once the brakes were changed and the interference to the wheel turning was removed, the squealing went away.

It occurred to me that this was a very similar situation to the way our bodies and spines work. Sometimes, our spinal bones will get stuck in a position they are not supposed to. This causes pressure on the nervous system and causes the body to work harder to make your body go.

As chiropractors, we detect the presence of the pressure on your nervous system just like a mechanic figured out where the squeal was coming from in my car. We then go to work removing that interference. In our office, we use gentle, specific scientific adjustments to realign the spine and allow the nervous system to function optimally.

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