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Chiropractic for Kids

Why do parents bring their children to a chiropractor? Some people may say they want a more natural approach to their health. Some parents don’t want to give their children medication for every ailment, while others may have already tried everything to help, including medications. There are some conditions for which parents are told their child will simply “outgrow it.” However, as a parent myself, I could never just sit back and watch my child suffer or struggle without exploring my options. That is why I’m so grateful for all that we know about chiropractic, a healthy lifestyle, and how it can help children.

Chiropractic doesn’t claim to be a cure for anything, however, it does aim to reduce spinal subluxations (or misalignments), which results in a better functioning nervous system. When the nervous system is healthy, the rest of the body will function better. Children, like adults, have a spine and a nervous system. While they may not have the aches and pains that adults suffer from, kids may suffer from colic, ear infections, reflux, constipation, or torticollis. These conditions are some of the most common reasons parents bring their children to a chiropractor, and we have seen all of these in our office improve while the child is under chiropractic care. We also love helping kids stay healthy, which is why a person doesn’t need a “complaint” to see a chiropractor. They may simply want to maintain a healthy spine and nervous system. If you or someone you know wants better health, including the health of a child, please call us or ask us for a recommendation in your area.

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