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Why We Shouldn't Base Our Health on How We Feel

We have all been there: We may have eaten some undercooked or spoiled food, and then spent the remainder of the day in the bathroom, vowing to never eat that food again. If we were to freeze that moment in time, I’m sure most of us would utter the words , “I’m sick.” While we would likely be sweating, have a stomach ache and headache, and be

flushing everything out of our bodies, that’s actually a great expression of health. Our body is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. It encountered the bacteria from the bad food, and it created the quickest way to get it out. Yes, we do have symptoms, but those symptoms are an expression of a healthy body. If our body didn’t create those symptoms, we would likely encounter a much worse fate.

This is why we cannot base our health on how we feel. To the contrary of the previous example, what about the marathon runner who suffers a heart attack or star athlete who suddenly dies on the field? They appeared to be quite healthy, but something was wrong on the inside. That is why we believe in helping the body work at its best through a healthy nervous system. Since the nervous system controls all of the other systems of the body, it’s best to help it function at its best with chiropractic care. You don’t need to have a symptom, ache or pain to benefit from a healthy spine, and it’s better to keep the body working at it’s best, before a problem arises.

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