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World Champions Again!

It was another amazing season for the New England Patriots, as they celebrated another Super Bowl win on Sunday. We had the privilege of attending a chiropractic seminar in Atlanta the weekend before, and we took in some of the pregame festivities. There was lots of action, people, and excitement, and we were happy to be back in the city where our chiropractic careers started.

Chiropractic and the NFL really do go hand in hand. All 32 NFL teams have a chiropractor on staff, and the New England Patriots are a well adjusted team. Tom Brady has been known to use chiropractic care to keep him feeling and functioning at his best, and in a recent TV interview with Devin and Jason McCourty, they mentioned getting chiropractic adjustments twice a week to stay at the top of their game. We love that our favorite team gets adjusted and the results show!

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